[libfabric-users] client fi_eq_sread busy (eternally) after server accepted request

Arne Struck arnestruck at astruck.de
Wed Jun 10 07:52:27 PDT 2020


like the Title suggests a fi_eq_sread returns FI_EBUSY and continues to 
block, although there should be an Event Message in my understanding, 

The eq is fresh, it is the first use, except building and binding it to 
ep, not wait_set defined, but wait_obj is set to FI_WAIT_MUTEX_//COND. 
Event Buffer and Event field are freshly defined as well. No flags are 
set, timeout is -1 (I know that means infinite waiting until event 
occours, but to my knowledge an Event should have been occoured).

Thus I am a bit baffled how the eq could be reported busy and continue 

Client successfully calls fi_connect and then goes into fi_eq_sread.

Server gets the request, does his part of establishing required 
ressources for the connection (ep, domain, etc) and calls fi_accept 
successfully afterwards.

Used libfabric Version is 1.5.3, due to the target systems running on 
18.04 Ubuntu.

Since it is in developement, the Program uses socket Provider at the moment.

If the eq is ignored the program runs successful locally, but this 
obviously leads to potential errors being ignored, thus not desireable.

Any ideas, where my Problem lies and what I did wrong?

If any additional info is needed, I am happy to provide.



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