[libfabric-users] fi_getinfo not working as intended

Arne Struck arnestruck at astruck.de
Mon Oct 5 08:36:28 PDT 2020

Hello together.

In my understanding fi_getinfo(FI_VERSION(1, 9), NULL, NULL, flags , 
NULL, &info) should return a linked list over all available providers.

For whatever reason only one entry of the list is generated (tcp 
provider for address If you request another provider on the 
system via hints or a specific address an entry for that is generated.

Or is there a misunderstanding on my part.

fi_info works on the other hand and shows me what is there.

To my second question: I have noticed that libfabric can create passive 
endpoints of EP_MSG-type for addresses like, and some 
others, but if transitioned into a listening state fi_listen returns 
"invalid argument".

Same thing does not happen if you try other addresses found available on 
the local machine, so it is clearly something with those specific addresses.

Is there a list of addresses libfrabric wont accept or is this another 

Greetings, Arne.

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