[libfabric-users] verbs questions

Arne arnestruck at astruck.de
Sun Oct 25 08:50:45 PDT 2020

Hey, got additional questions regarding the usage of the verbs-provider.

Are there any details/configs to acknowledge sending a fi_connect 
request when trying to connect an Endpoint on the verbs Provider to its 
peer or reading the respective eq?

Reading the eq afterwards gives Unknown Error -8 from fi_eq_strerror (so 
maybe Exec format error?).

Debug Level info did not provide any useful info regarding the Problem 
(last info is verbs checking for suitable endpoint types and since the 
fi_endpoint did not return an error I assume it found the requested 

eq-attributes used:

     eq_attr.size = eq_size;
     eq_attr.flags = 0;
     eq_attr.wait_obj = FI_WAIT_FD;
     eq_attr.signaling_vector = 0;
     eq_attr.wait_set = NULL;

hints used are:

     hints = fi_allocinfo();
     hints->caps = FI_RMA | FI_MSG;
     msg_hints->mode = FI_RX_CQ_DATA;
     msg_hints->ep_attr->type = FI_EP_MSG;
     msg_hints->addr_format = FI_SOCKADDR_IN;
     msg_hints->domain_attr->mr_mode = FI_MR_LOCAL | FI_MR_VIRT_ADDR | 
     msg_hints->fabric_attr->prov_name = g_strdup("verbs");

The address used as target of the fi_connect is the one corresponding to 
the infiniband IP of the server node and as FI_SOCKADDR_IN if that is of 

The call adds some additional connection data to the request.

On another note: I saw that the node parameter cant be NULL for creating 
fi_infos for active endpoints (got a ENODATA and warning revealed that 
verbs couldnt resolve the address, so I replaced it with localhost).

Is that true or do I have another error?

Greetings, Arne.

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