[libfabric-users] will RxM's EAGAIN handling work properly if I specify FI_INJECT_COMPLETE?

Titus, Greg gregory.titus at hpe.com
Tue Sep 1 14:25:47 PDT 2020

Hi all --

The man page for the RxM utility provider says that because it establishes connections on demand as data transfers are done, one must be prepared to ride out one or more -FI_EAGAIN error returns from those initial data transfer calls.  Does this imply that one must also request at least FI_TRANSMIT_COMPLETE completion on those calls?  The fi_msg man page seems to say that -FI_EAGAIN can result from a lack of resources on either the local or remote side, but if I specify FI_INJECT_COMPLETE how could the data transfer function know about a lack of resources on the remote node if it returns before the operation has even reached there?


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