[libfabric-users] How to enable FI_DBG printing

Tan Wei Ming, Bertrand bertrandtwm at u.nus.edu
Sun Jun 13 22:30:54 PDT 2021

Hi,Libfabric gives users FI_DBG/FI_INFO/FI_TRACE/FI_WARN (based on fi_log, which is defined in log.c) to print information. I try to enable it and check the debug information when learning rxm provider, but nothing happens. Could you give me any instructions how to enable it?Libfabric is cloned from the Libfabric’s latest master branch. The build process is configured with ‘--enable-debug’ (../configure --enable-debug --prefix=my_local_path)I have inserted a testing statement (FI_DBG(&rxm_prov, FI_LOG_EP_CTRL, “FI_DBG-Testing: rxm_get_conn\n”);) in rxm_get_conn() in rxm_conn.c and recompile the libfabric’s source code by ‘make; make install’.However, when running fi_rdm_tagged_pingpong, I can’t see the testing message.
  Server: fi_rdm_tagged_pingpong -p ofi_rxm -S 65536 -I 1 -s server_ip
  Client: fi_rdm_tagged_pingpong -p ofi_rxm -S 65536 -I 1 -s client_ip server_ip  Terminal output:
    bytes   iters   total       time     MB/sec    usec/xfer   Mxfers/sec
    64k     1       128k        0.00s     79.49     824.50       0.00
---I have tested by inserting ‘print(...)’ directly in rxm_get_conn(). It actually prints the messge.Thanks and best,
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