[libfabric-users] Question about FI_THREAD_SAFE and other threading models...

Heinz, Michael William michael.william.heinz at cornelisnetworks.com
Mon May 3 08:03:44 PDT 2021


The definition of FI_THREAD_SAFE in the fi_domain(3) man page says:
	A thread safe serialization model allows a multi-threaded application to access any allocated resources through any interface without restriction. All providers are required to support FI_THREAD_SAFE.

That appears to mean that all providers are required to handle any serialization/locking that might be required and that the application can be as multi-threaded as desired...?

If that's the case, then why do we bother with more restrictive serialization models like FI_THREAD_ENDPOINT? Wouldn't they be redundant?

Thanks in advance...
Michael Heinz
Fabric Software Engineer, Cornelis Networks

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