[libfabric-users] fi_rdm_<tests> does not seem to work for tcp/ofi_rxm providers

Tan Wei Ming, Bertrand bertrandtwm at u.nus.edu
Thu May 27 20:01:32 PDT 2021


I have been working with the fi_rdm tests (specifically fi_rdm, fi_rdm_tagged_pingpong, fi_rdm_tagged_bw) but I cannot seem to get it working when I input additional parameters '-p tcp' or '-p ofi_rxm'. (svr: fi_rdm -p ofi_rxm , client: fi_rdm -p ofi_rxm [svr_ip])

This however works perfectly fine when other providers (sockets, udp, ofi_rdm) are provided as input parameters to the tests.

The error I receive is `fi_getinfo(): ../common/shared.c:796, ret=-61 (No data available)`. This error appears before the server is even successfully setup which points to there being an incorrect parameter value.

Can somebody shed light as to why I am receiving this error?

Thanks and Best
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