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Luse, Paul E paul.e.luse at intel.com
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This is a storport miniport we use StorPortDebugPrint and use nt!Kd_STORMINIPORT_Mask to control the volume.  The DbgPrint I think was there before we implemented the StorPort calls really doesn't really belong anywhere in the driver anymore.  Next patch we can clean this up (whoever does the next patch).

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May I ask a fundamental question I see going on in the driver?

What is the rationale behind debug blocks like:

#if DBG
                DbgPrint("Complete CID 0x%x on 0x%x\n",

I would have expected DbgPrint() to be already compiled out in 'release mode' , something like:

#if "Microsoft Debug Build"
#define DbgPrint(x...) do {  \
              fprintf(stderr, "Function: %s(), Line: %d-> ", __func__, __LINE__);  \
              fprintf(stderr, x);  \
              fprintf(stderr, "\n");  \
} while(0)
#define DbgPrint(x...)

And not need the extra "DBG" #if around it in the actual code blocks.  Though the MSDN page for DbgPrint does not really say what happens if code is compiled in "debug" build vs "release" build.


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