[nvmewin] ***UNCHECKED*** REVIEW REQUEST: patch for perf fix and other misc updates

Luse, Paul E paul.e.luse at intel.com
Fri Feb 3 10:18:45 PST 2012

Password for zip is nvme1234

Main changes: (based on tags\format_nvm_pt_ioctl)

1)      Fix DPC watchdog timeout under heavy IO by adding call to ste per lun storport queue depth following INQ

2)      Added support for optional (compile switch) DPC or ISR completions.  Defaulting to DPC as this is 'standard' recommended method

3)      Updated mode block descriptor creation to return all F's for # blocks if namespace is too big to fit in field (per SPC)

4)      Changed logical mode to 1:1 map cores to MSIX vectors, not optimal for vector matching but better than sending all IO through one core and we're covered in any scenario wrt protection on submit/complete

5)      Pile of CHATHAM only changes

6)      Changed passiveInit to wait for state machine to complete based on lots of issues with us missing enum because we weren't ready and storport doesn't retry the early enum commands.  Ran into this at Msft as well as UNH when using the chatham in various platforms.  Ray also got it with QEMU on his HW (different speed than mine)

Tested (2008-R2 with Chatham and Win7-64 with QEMU, with and without driver verifier):

-         Sdstress

-         SCSI compliance (write 10 fails, not clear why as trace shows no issue.  Fails with baseline code also, note related to these changes)

-         BusTRACE scsi compliance

-         BusTRACE data integrity

-         Iometer all access specs, Q depth 32 8 workers


-         Updated version


-         Misc asserts added, some braces added here and there for readability

-         NVMeMsixMapCores():  changes to support logical mode using all cores/all vectors 1:1 mapped

-         Misc chatham changes

-         Compile switch for DPC or ISR


-         New assert


-         Chatham only changes


-         SntiTranslateCommand() added adapter ext parm for use by API to set per lun Q depth, also set Q depth post INQ

-         Bunch of chatham changes

-         SntiCreateModeParameterDescBlock() added code to correctly fill in # blocks when we overflow


-         Defines used by Q depth setting, function proto changes


-         DPC vs ISR compile switches

-         PassiveInit waits on init state machine now

-         Removed storport perf opt, has on effect based on our mapping

-         Changed assert checking on vector/proc mapping so it doesn't affect admin queue, is ignored for QEMU and for logical mode

-         NVMeIsrMsix:  fixed issue where shared mode would cause BSOD

-         Added ISR completion support

-         Chatham changes


-         Supporting sturct changes


-         New compile switches for ISR vs DPC and for QEMU


Paul Luse
Sr. Staff Engineer
PCG Server Software Engineering
Desk: 480.554.3688, Mobile: 480.334.4630

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