[nvmewin] Patch Review Request

Luse, Paul E paul.e.luse at intel.com
Fri Mar 2 11:22:35 PST 2012


Looks good but I believe our coding style requires {} even with one liners following if/then/else (see excerpt below).  Please make that minor update and then it looks good from the Intel side.


For single line if statements:

if (<condition>) {



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Hi all,

I am attaching the recent changes in nvmeStd.c, which include two fixes:
1. Fix of system crash when INTx is being used to generate interrupts.
- Root cause:
The attempt to acquire MSI lock in DPC routine.
- Change:
Acquiring DpcLock instead if INTx is being used.

2. Fix of causing NVMe controller not responding when INTx is being used to generate interrupts.
- Root cause:
Programming Doorbell registers with improper Completion Queue Head Pointer values when looping through all completion queues.
- Change:
Resetting InterruptClaimed to FALSE after updating each Completion Queue Head Pointer via the associated Doorbell register.

Please review the changes and feel free to let me know if you have any comments or questions.
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