[nvmewin] Migration of servers this weekend

Ken Strandberg kens at openfabrics.org
Thu May 24 12:10:23 PDT 2012

Unless there is significant objection, I will be doing final migrations
this weekend of all OFA accounts and services to the new server. All
internet addresses will remain the same, except logins to
sofa.openfabrics.org should go to beany.openfabrics.org after
this weekend. The DNS records will be updated after business hours (Pacific
Time in the U.S.) tomorrow, May 25th, and I will finalize all the changes
over the weekend.

I will be rsyncing all home directories after the DNS updates, along with
SVN repositories for OFW and NVMewin.

Please do not make commits, file changes, bug submissions, or update any
accounts after 5 PM Pacific Time tomorrow, Friday, May 25th on
sofa.openfabrics.org until further notice, or they may not make it to the
new server.

Current cron jobs running on sofa.openfabrics.org will not be changed or
stopped. If you have cron jobs that need to run on the new server, I'll let
you know when you can check them or set them up. This should be no later
than Monday morning, assuming the migration goes well.

I apologize if you are on multiple lists and receiving multiple emails.
There is only one email going to multiple lists.



*Ken Strandberg*
*OpenFabrics Alliance*
kens at openfabrics.org
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