[nvmewin] Bug Fix Patch - Review Request

Murray, Kris R kris.r.murray at intel.com
Thu Oct 25 10:23:08 PDT 2012

Since we don't use the returned pointer I believe there is no need to validate it. The goal is to cause Storport to allocate a DMA adapter object. See the attached email from James Harris for more info.

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Hi Kris,

I have a quick question regarding StorPortGetUncachedExtension:
The routine returns a pointer to the allocated buffer, should we validate the pointer before proceeding?


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Hi all,

The attached NVMe.zip file changes include the below fixes:

*        nvmeStd.c

o   Added a call to StorPortGetUncachedExtension to fix a checked OS assertion

*        nvmeSnti.c

o   Fixed SntiTranslateRead6 function to use the Read mask for the lba instead of the write mask

o   Fixed SntiTranslateWrite6 function to use the correct macro for getting 24 bits from the CDB using the correct offset

*        nvmeSntiTypes.h

o   Updated READ_6_CDB_LBA_MASK definition to match the one for write

o   Fixed WRITE_6_CDB_LBA_OFFSET from 0 to 1

The attached Results.zip file contains results from the test matrix below:

Operating Systems:

*        Windows 7

*        Windows 8

*        Windows Server 2008

*        Windows Server 2012


*        IOMeter

*        SCSI Compliance

*        PCMark

Please review the changes, feeling free to send me comments and questions.

~Kris Murray
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