[nvmewin] Release 1.4 Plan and schedule

Judy Brock-SSI judy.brock at ssi.samsung.com
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FYI, Suman Prakash will be driving the development work and submissions on behalf of Samsung.  Both Suman and I will support the integration and acceptance of these submissions.

Thanks a lot,

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I am happy to announce that we now have a solid plan with commitment from a few companies to contribute to the 1.4 release of the driver by Nov 2014.  Thanks to all the companies who contribute resource to make it happen.  The plan is to follow as:

Code commit order and Feature                               By                                           Date                                      Note

1.       Migrate to VS2013, WDK 8.1                        Tom Freeman at hgst       end of July

2.       WHQL Certification test                                 Alex Chang at PMC           early Aug                             include suggestion by Samsung

3.       buglist as suggested by Samsung (attached)        Judy @Samsung               Mid Aug

4.       WPP Tracing/WMI  processing                   Tom Freeman at hgst       end of Aug

5.       NVMe format enhancement                      Alex Chang at PMC           early Sep

6.       Bus reset enhancement                               Judy at Samsung                Mid Sep

7.       Hot plug/swap                                                  Judy @Samsung               End of  Oct

Release 1.4 will be tested with  VS2013, WDK 8.1 only. Older version of the tools may work but not be verified by the working group.
Let's focus on getting release 1.4 out by Nov 2014. Go team Go.



Here is the meeting note for the May 21 2014 meeting:

====== ==

NVMe OFA Windows Driver Meeting Note (May 21, 2014)

Meeting Status

1.            Reviewed 1.3 release
                - No further comment from the group.

2.            The group agreed on the following features for the 1.4 Release

                - Driver Trace feature (WPP tracing) - Tom Freeman at hgst
                - WMI commands processing - Tom Freeman at hgst
                - Migrate to VS2013, WDK 8.1 - Tom Freeman at hgst
                - WHQL Certification test - Alex Chang at PMC
                - NVMe format enhancement / bug fix - Alex Chang at PMC

3.            Expected release date for 1.4 is Nov 2014

4.            Hot plug (graceful hot add/remove) and hot swap (surprised hot add/remove)
                features were discussed. Austin bolen from Dell said that surprise hot add/remove
                had been in the PCIe standard since version 1.  We should support it in future
                release of the driver.

                We would consider adding hot plug/swap support in future release of the driver.

5.            The group reviewed the bug list / new features per suggestion from Judy @ Samsung.
                - We agreed that everything on the list should be fixed.
                - Need volunteers to work on the fix with the 1.4 release
                - Judy was going to check with her management team if she could submit patches to fix
                  all these problems.

Features that are not supported currently

                NVMe 1.1 support:
                - multi-path
                - SGL
                - Get/Set feature update
                                - Autonomous power state transition
                                - Host Identifier
                                - Reservation Notification Mask
                                - Reservation Persistence
                - identify structure update
                - write zeros command

                End to End Protection

                Hot Plug (graceful hot add/remove)

                Hot Swap (surprised hot add/remove)

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