[nvmewin] Potential bug in OFA driver 1.3

Parag Sheth parag.sheth at avagotech.com
Wed Jun 25 17:22:53 PDT 2014

Hi Alex,

To the best of my understanding, STORAGE_REQUEST_BLOCK will not be enabled
just by building a windows 8 version of driver. We need to add


line to our DriverEntry routine. If we omit this line (in the current 1.3
version of driver this line is omitted), driver will use SCSI_REQUEST_BLOCK.


Parag Sheth

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Hi Parag,

When you compile the driver for Windows 8 and up, STORAGE_REQUEST_BLOCK
will be used rather than SCSI_REQUEST_BLOCK. I wonder how you can have
SCSI_REQUEST_BLOCK + Windows 8 combination? And srbhelper is only compiled
in for Windows 8.



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Hi All,

With the latest 1.3 driver, STORAGE_REQUEST_BLOCK support has been added
for windows 8 and up. Is this the only configuration allowed with Windows 8
or SCSI_REQUEST_BLOCK + windows 8 combination is allowed as well? If
allowed, than there are couple of bugs in the way srbhelper (from wdk) is
being used. Specifically SrbSetScsiData() and SrbGetScsiData() from
srbhelper do not handle SCSI_REQUEST_BLOCK properly and will cause command


Parag Sheth
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