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Robles, Raymond C raymond.c.robles at intel.com
Mon Jul 6 15:17:03 PDT 2015

Hi Cheng,

Thank you for submitting a patch. The OFA NVMeWin community always welcomes and encourages contributions.

Kindly please refer to the patch submission process defined by OFA NVMeWin. The details of the patch submission process have been published on this distribution list. Here is a link to the OFA website (where there are links provided for archived list distributions).

For reference, below is the patch submission process (also attached). All of the tools required for unit testing are open and available online. If you need assistance in obtaining any of the tools, please let me know.

This is a reminder of the procedure to submit  patch:


- Submitter needs to base their changes on the latest (and re-base/re-test prior to sending their patch).
- They send the patch to the email list "nvmewin at lists.openfabrics.org<mailto:nvmewin at lists.openfabrics.org>".
- Some review will happen over the reflector, the maintainer will send a message out that the db is locked
  when they’re ready to apply the patch which will be once at least one member from each company
  on the review panel has approved (can be via email or con call if needed).  Once the patch is applied,
  the maintainer will send an email out.

Patch contents:

- Code changes, short summary for SVN log, more verbose write up for release notes, confirmation of what Windows platforms had been tested.
- Patch must follow the coding guidelines as attached.
- All source files should be zipped up into a .zip file with password enabled. The zip file name should properly describe the main changes of the patch.

- Patches submitted by anyone, email to distribution list "nvmewin at lists.openfabrics.org<mailto:nvmewin at lists.openfabrics.org>".
- Patch submission should include time sensitivity/expectations.
- Patch submission should include justification for the patch (what value will it add, and are
  tradeoffs what are they and why would we want to take a hit).  If multiple implementation
  options were considered, what data/reasoning was behind the implementation choice.
- At a minimum reviews need to be completed by Intel, PMC, HGST, and Samsung representatives.
- Reviews include compliance with coding guidelines (in SVN) as well as logic

Unit Testing:
- All patches and release candidates required, at a minimum, the following;
                - 1 hour of data integrity testing using sdstress (Microsoft Tool)
                - 1 hour of heavy stress testing using IOMETER covering, at least, 512B, 4KB and 128KB ranging
                  from 1 OIO to 64 OIO both sequential and random
                - Quick and slow format of both MBR and GPT partitioning
                - Microsoft SCSI Compliance, no failures except (warnings OK)
                - Additional testing with other tools is encouraged
                - Occurs in all supported OSs for the release
                                - 64-bit, Windows 7, 8.0, 8,1, server 2008R2 and 2012
                                - 32-bit, Windows 7, 8.0
                - Minimum test platform is latest QEMU.  Those with their HW should test on it as well.
                 QEMU is available at https://github.com/nvmeqemu/nvmeqemu

Ray Robles

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Would you merge the patch into SVN trunk?

Thank you.
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