[Ofa_boardplus] Candidate organizations for the OFA to approach re forming an alliance

Jim Ryan jimdryan at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 11:05:50 PST 2016

One of the elements of our Workshop is the thought of reaching out to
organizations as described above. This email is a request to help me reach
out to our initial list of organizations. My hope is some of our members
may also be active in the organizations or may otherwise have contacts we
can use.

I have good contacts and don't need any help with SNIA and the IBTA. I'm
listing them for completeness.

The Linux Foundation is complicated. We have plenty of contacts there, it's
just not completely clear to me how to engage with them. Probably a good
XWG topic.

Following is the list of orgs I need help with, including whether any of
these are poor choices or if I'm missing some:
- Ethernet Alliance
- Internet Engineering  Task Force (IETF)
- Open MPI Project
- MPI Forum: I can reach out to Jeff Squyres -- he may know about Open
  MPI as well, worth asking
- Gen-Z Consortium
- Rapid I/O

TIA and regards, Jim
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