[Ofa_boardplus] Need input on November Meetings

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It seems that most folks are preferring 12/1.
We'll cover at least the 2 items I mentioned in my original email (the same 2 Paul suggests below)
I'll also give an update on the Dual License conversation from Tuesday's LInux RDMA Session.
... stay tuned for an official Board Meeting Change email and agenda ...


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Cray is ambivalent on the three choices.  Any of those dates works fine for us.


I would like to see the following on the agenda:
1. vote on groundrules for the Bylaws Update Project
2. I plan to offer a motion (by early next week, well within the 72 hour window) to resolve the question of outside representation on the Board.  We discussed it today and the group was largely ambivalent about the approach we take, which signifies that it's time to hold a vote to close the question.


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OFA Board and Contributors,
November is difficult month for meetings …

11/3 XWG - I may not be able to attend, but discussions on bylaws wrt Directors will continue
11/10 XWG - should proceed without issue
11/17 Board Mtg - This is the Thursday of SC16
11/24 XWG - this is Thanksgiving, so we will not meet

The next board meeting will have at least one if not two Voteable items.
*  Ground rules for bylaws changes
*  Motion for changes to the bylaws regarding the make up of the Board of Directors, and/or establishment of an Advisory Board

Given the importance of the next Board meeting, we may need to move it to either 11/10 (next Thursday) or Dec1st.
Please respond at your earliest convenience with your preference:

1.  Keep the Board meeting on 11/17 (SC16 week) 2.  Move the Board meeting to 11/10  (next week) 3.  Move the Board meeting to 12/1

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