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In addition to Christoph's comment:

1.  Please add the following after the minutes approval but before the Executive Director item:
"It was mentioned that Jason's slot at the Plumber's Conference will be during the RDMA track, instead of the main session - as the main session slots were full.  This will change the subject matter somewhat - in particular, convincing the larger kernel community that the RDMA 'sub-system' needs to be seen as a functioning sub-system with overlap with and effect on the other parts of the kernel"

2. The Executive Director job description in the minutes is still the old one.
Please use the following:
"The role of the Executive Director (ED) of the OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) is to implement the strategic plans of the OFA in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. This requires the ED to assist in complex and long-running projects, providing insight and leadership to achieve successful completion.  The ED will be expected to lead the effort to both retain existing OFA members and encourage new membership in the OFA.

Other responsibilities include playing a strong role in both the logistics and technical content planning for the annual workshop, as well as participating in the identification of other organizations and conferences with whom the OFA could build synergistic relationships.   The ED may be expected to fill in as Secretary or Treasurer in the absence of those officers.  In the case of hiring staff, the ED will play a role in the work required to define, advertise and fill these positions.  The ED reports to the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors grants the ED the authority to perform tasks.  The ED is accountable to the Chair of the Board of Directors and will be required to provide status reports on a regular basis."

3.  The first bullet of #4 includes "We have a $48.362 in surplus".  I'm not sure what that means, nor do I think it is accurate, so maybe we start that sentence with "We have an $11,402 projected surplus".

4.  Please change "motion" to "proposal" in the second bullet of #4.

Thanx !!

Susan Coulter
HPC-DES / Network
Los Alamos National Laboratory
"Once in a while you get shown the light
  In the strangest of places if you look at it right"
Robert Hunter

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Hmmm... I have some trouble recognizing what I said in these minutes
lately. Gotta make myself clearer?

I liked the proposal by Susan because it would allow us to move
forward and work out the details on how both of these positions would
work as we move ahead. The mission statement was brought up by Paul as
far as I can recall. I think that these new positions will work within
the context of the mission statement but I do not think that the
mission statement could be defined in an iterative process. The actual
functioning of those positions has to be worked out which is
independent of the missions.

I think it is important to spend money towards the future of an OFA.
An OFA that is relevant and contributes towards its missions which is
the enhancement of RDMA software.  That the OFA contributes in a
significant way to RDMA technology is often questioned by open source
developers. Threatening is going a bit far.

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