[Ofa_boardplus] Meeting Minutes from 20 July 2017

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Thu Aug 31 09:23:45 PDT 2017

On the topic of voting to fill Officer vacancies:

  1.  Jim Ryan did not second the motion, but I’m not sure who did.
  2.  2nd sub-bullet: “The new Bylaw reads as follows…”  It’s a nit, but we should avoid using language like, “the new Bylaw”.  We’ve adopted a motion, but we still have to incorporate this into the Bylaws and vote on final text.  So it’s not really a ‘new Bylaw’ yet.

Under Draft Mission Statement
The 1st subbullet is incorrect (“Paul mentioned that current Mission Statement…”).  The OFED stack is MOST definitely in the hands of the OFA.  Suggest eliminating this subbullet altogether.

Under Online repo

  *   Is it really true that the IRS requires us to store our minutes?  I don’t recall that part of the conversation.
  *   AFAIK, we don’t have either a paper repo or Causeway copy of the minutes.  The minutes are effectively ‘stored’ in the mailing list archives.

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Here are the draft meeting minutes from 20 July 2017.

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