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MWG Update for the 8/31 Board Meeting
- Kicked off the preparation for the 2018 workshop, save the date email has been sent out and blog has been posted
- Paul delivered intro presentation at the SSSI Reception at Flash Memory Summit
- Paul led SSSI OFA session at FMS, with approximately 70 attendees

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OFIWG Update for 8/31 Board Meeting
- Continuing to investigate enhancements to the libfabric API for supporting Persistent Memory by exploring NVML (pmem.io) as a proxy application.
- Sean delivered an updated libfabric tutorial at Hot Interconnects.  The slides will be posted in the OFIWG work group area here: https://emea01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fdownloads.openfabrics.org%2FWorkGroups%2Fofiwg%2FIndustry_presentations%2F&data=02%7C01%7Cbill%40mellanox.com%7C111649e5829d440decb008d4f08dfd26%7Ca652971c7d2e4d9ba6a4d149256f461b%7C0%7C0%7C636397940039246334&sdata=YFxCCidvil5zi%2FQ%2FNpMkL1mTKm4nFfI7erCz6F6AYac%3D&reserved=0 (they are not there yet, but will be shortly).
- As a result of the OFA's participation at the Flash Memory Summit, we have re-established contact with the Gen-Z Consortium.  This resulted in an exploratory meeting between the OFA and the Consortium.  Key outcomes of that discussion:
- Gen-Z supports libfabric
- Gen-Z has an Open Source IP model more-or-less identical to ours.  This will make cooperation between us much easier.
- Names were provided to the OFA of the folks from the Gen-Z Consortium who are focusing on libfabric.  Paul has the AR to build on that connection.

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>Here is the EWG working group update for this month:
>Work has started on OFED-4.8-1. The major new features are addition of 
>the new upstream Broadcom and Cavium Roce drivers, plus backports for NFS/RDMA.
>The release will also pull in the latest upstream rdma-core V15 and fix 
>a couple more SRP bugs and a new other bug fixes for various vendor 
>drivers. Initial daily builds are available for testing at: 
>Still waiting for some backports for NFS/RMDA and the new drivers and 
>waiting for the GA release of rdma-core v15, which is expected in a couple of weeks.
>Once those are completed and pulled in, we will release RC1 and come 
>back to the OFA board to get GA release approval.
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>Attached is the Board agenda and >draft< contracts for Executive 
>Director and Maintainer positions.
>( to Scott’s point about getting a handle on actual costs )
>The minutes I have from the 7/20 Board meeting are not the updated 
>version, so I have not attached them.
>Mike, I believe, is out this week - so we may need to skip the approval 
>of the July minutes for now.
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