[Ofa_boardplus] Jason's draft preso to the Linux Plumbers' Conference

Jason Gunthorpe jgunthorpe at obsidianresearch.com
Thu Aug 31 12:57:36 PDT 2017

On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 07:17:41PM +0000, Woodruff, Robert J wrote:

> For example have had some discussions in having an OFI provider
> certification/compliance program that people could use to test their
> OFI providers to make sure they are semantically correct.

I think that would be a great activity, but it is not really related to

Designing a conformance test for OFI providers does not really require
a logo program, the test suite alone is enough for suppliers to
self-certify, and for customers to validate against.

> We have also had some discussions with the Linux distros about
> possibly using in-box OFS in the logo program in addition to or in
> place of using the community OFED for interop testing.

Redefining the way the hardware at UNH is used into some kind of
general test suite designed for testing a Linux distribution's RDMA
stack (OFED and upstream included) would be excellent..

OFA *should* be using this resource to test upstream linux around the
rc candidate series so we can have *tested* RDMA in all major upstream
linux releases. This gives the best chance that a user will have
access to a tested RDMA stack from their distro.

.. and I think the logo program should not bundle so much under the
single logo. Test the Linux software as a totally seperate activity
from testing cards, cables, switches and storage targets.


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