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I thought we agreed that the process of the bylaws modification process will be:
*       A series of proposals for amending the Bylaws are discussed and refined in the XWG
*       Each proposed amendment in the form of a written motion (Voteable) is ratified by vote of the BoD
*       Draft of amended Bylaws is circulated to Promoters for 30 day review
*       Comments are incorporated by the BoD
*       Final draft is adopted by the BoD

The item of adding 2 directors is part of this process. I assume based on the agreed process, that we want to complete the bylaws change process, have the new bylaws approved by the BoD, and then act according to it. I don't think we should act according to partial changes (that are not yet part of the bylaws) without closing on the big scope first.

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Attached are some slides we should discuss at next Thursday's XWG meeting pertaining to the nomination and election of At Large Directors.  Recall that during a previous Board meeting we voted to create such Director positions, but intentionally left the mechanics of doing so for later.  That is the topic of this slide deck.

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