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See slide 4.  For better or for worse...

Happy to re-visit, if we can find two thirds of us willing to re-open the topic.

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>Hmmm... Maybe this is a bit off topic but the backup slides mention that officers
>positions are contingent on their employment by the promoter. On the technical
>boards that I served on before there was no such requirement and I actually
>moved between employers while on various boards. I would think that officers
>primarily act in the interest of the OFA and not in the interest of the employer.
>The interests of the promoter can be voiced as a board member I think. So maybe
>it would be ok to loosen that tie? I have sometimes seen officers being hired by a
>different company and then that company joined the organization or some other
>company on the board hired them.
>The officer stayed in position throughout.
>On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 3:12 PM, Paul Grun <grun at cray.com> wrote:
>> Attached.
>> This was thoroughly discussed at the 6/22/17 XWG meeting.  At that
>> meeting, some changes to the specified timeframes were recommended.
>> This slide deck includes those suggested timeframes.  The base proposal
>belongs to LANL.
>> Technically, this slide deck does not meet the 72 hour rule for action
>> at this Thursday’s Board meeting.  (My bad for being late.)  However,
>> the spirit of the 72 rule is to prevent surprise last minute proposals
>> to the Board.  Given the detailed discussion that has already
>> occurred, and the rough consensus already achieved, I am hopeful that
>> no one will object to executing a vote on this at this week’s meeting.
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