[Ofa_boardplus] 20 July 2017 Board minutes Corrected

Pappas, Jim jim.pappas at intel.com
Mon Jul 24 09:48:25 PDT 2017

The intent was to provide bridge funding until OFA could support an ED out of its own budget.   The rationale was that Intel had been effectively providing an ED function through the volunteer efforts.   With the retirement of Jim Ryan, Intel was unable to continue this volunteer support.   No other company was stepping up to provide that level of support.

My only concern at the beginning was to be sure that if Intel was providing bridge funding, it would have been for a person qualified to do the job.  I certainly did not want to contribute this much money if it would be wasted.   It was not tied to Jim Ryan specifically.

At this point, we have provided one year of support.   I budgeted 18 months.    If OFA can support an ED on its own, then I would be happy to discontinue to funding… but it is available for 2 additional quarters… through Q4 CY’17.


On 7/24/17, 9:15 AM, "christoph at graphe.net on behalf of Christoph Lameter" <christoph at graphe.net on behalf of christoph at lameter.com> wrote:

    It was also not tied to any specific purpose in the OFA. It seems that
    the initial commitment to provide funds from Intel has ended? What is
    the offer of continuing that? I think that discussions needs to be
    completely separate from where we will be doing going forward with the
    ED position. Otherwise the tie in exists.
    On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 10:30 AM, Pappas, Jim <jim.pappas at intel.com> wrote:
    > I agree that it was not tied to Jim Ryan.
    > /Jim
    > On 7/24/17, 7:02 AM, "Ofa_boardplus on behalf of Christoph Lameter" <ofa_boardplus-bounces at lists.openfabrics.org on behalf of christoph at lameter.com> wrote:
    >     Ummm my name is spelled incorrectly. I also objected to Intel tying
    >     its payment to the employment of Jim Ryan. The minutes stated that
    >     Intel is paying for Jim Ryan at OFA. We have determined with legal
    >     counsel before that this is illegal. The arrangement is that Intel is
    >     donating to the OFA without additional conditions. That is what I
    >     voted for. There cannot be a tie in to the employment of Jim Ryan as
    >     suggested by Jim Pappas
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