[Ofa_boardplus] OpenFabrics Board Draft Meeting Minutes from 21 September 2017.

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Wed Oct 4 11:01:05 PDT 2017

Couple of relatively minor corrections:

3.2 OFIWG report:
To be clear, this should probably say:

"The SC17 Committee has accepted two BoFs from OFIWG as a single combined BoF.  OFIWG will work with the MWG to promote the BoF."

(all the rest of the text below should be deleted.)

The SC17 Committee accepted two Bird of a Feather discussions
(BoFs) from OFIWG but asked that they be merged into one BoF. Based upon the architectural work
that went into the creation of a
fabric-agnostic API, OpenFabrics is a natural fit for discussion of expanding the adoption of high
speed fabric APIs.
▪   The BoF description is as follows:  "Application performance and scalability is affected by the
design and usability of network APIs.  Open Fabrics libfabric
promises high-performance access to fabric services, through an implementation agnostic interface.”
•   This BoF will begin with a series of lightning talks to share experiences related to developing
libfabric.  It will conclude by proposing that Open Fabrics develop fabric extensions to the C++
networking technical specification, for submission
to the ISO C++ standards committee."

SC17 accepted a Birds of a Feather session on OFI and Persistent
Memory.  As we get closer to SC17 OFIWG and MWG will promote the
BoF session.

5. Workshop Technical Program Committee

o An announcement will be made around the start time of SC17 for a
‘Call for Papers’.

>>pg - that should say 'Call for Sessions'.  Historically, we haven't requested formal papers, just slides and a talk.

o The Workshop Committee will begin group paper proposals to evaluate proposals for acceptance or
rejection or conditional acceptance.

>>pg - this should say  "The TPC will soon begin the process of soliciting proposals for sessions, and will be discussing the criteria for accepting proposals."

o The sessions will be ½ hour multi-track lightning talks.

>>pg - this should say, "As in past years, we should be looking at augmenting the historical format (1/2 hour slide talks) with e.g. lightning talks, single topic tracks and so on.  No decisions have been made yet about the format."

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