[Ofa_boardplus] OFA Collaboration Product Evaluation -- informational report for the upcoming Board meeting

Jim Ryan jimdryan at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 16:44:02 PDT 2017

Those of you who are active in the XWG will be familiar with a project to
investigate the value on an OFA-provided tool for those who host meetings.
The basic idea is some who have this responsibility have no service

Some who can do this can benefit from a tool that passes from incumbent to
incumbent, for example, from Chair to Chair. This is the notion of a
"positional" as opposed to a "personal" account. I think this is obvious,
but, to be clear, the idea is person "X" in company "A" can pass meeting
responsibilities to person "Y" in company "B".

Still others can benefit from a general tool being available for very
occasional use. This means any member of the OFA, via me, Jim Ryan, as the
administrator of the Zoom accounts.

Others who use their employer-provided services may have difficulties
passing hosting on to someone outside their employers.

After some preliminary evaluation, it appears a product called "Zoom" might
meet our needs. This was a fairly close call over WebEx, which otherwise
wins based on familiarity and general suitability.

However, Jason Gunthorp observed Zoom works best w/Linux which, in and of
itself, is a compelling benefit.

I am going to conduct a test of several elements of Zoom, including,
importantly, whether it can meet our needs for easy hand-off from original
meeting owner to a surrogate, and also for occasional use.

I'll report back to the full Board, of course, before any final decision is
made, much less before any funds are committed.

Because the dollar amount is so small, $15/account for two account for up
to 3 months, I'm not asking for Board approval.

However, this is coupled with a request for discretionary funding authority
for the Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer and ED of $100 for such routine
expense. This is, by definition, not worth the Board's time.

Please consider this as a related, but separable, issue, which I expect
will also be discussed during the Board meeting

Thanks, Jim, ED
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