[Ofa_boardplus] WG Chairs - RE: Edited Gold Deck

Kolar, Divya divya.kolar at intel.com
Thu Jul 12 11:22:39 PDT 2018

Made some more edits to this rev. Acknowledging that ANS slide needs some more work.

I am also copying the working group chairs here so they get a chance to review slide # 6.

PaulB, Arlin, Liran, Sean: We are relaunching OFA starting with media and analysts interviews from next week. Please review slide#6. I recommend updating it and focusing on high level details. Please edit the attached version and circulate back for feedback.

Thank you

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On behalf of Divya, attached are the edits added collaboratively during today's XWG.  Please feel free to continue discussion via email.

Advanced Technology Group
Cray, Inc.
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