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>Susan came up with a re-arrangement of the text that I think makes
>sense.  The one thing that is missing, and that many people
>identified as a key part of the OFA's value, is in creating
>opportunities for collaboration. 
>Let's use this as the strawman for discussion at tomorrow's XWG:
>“The mission of the OFA is to accelerate the development and adoption
>of high bandwidth/low latency fabrics by creating opportunities for
>collaboration among those who develop and consume such fabrics,
>evangelizing such fabric technologies, supporting and evolving
>existing open source software, and incubating new open source
>software for such fabrics for the benefit of developers and consumers
>of such networks”
>I captured what seem to be the hot points of the discussion, and the
>proposed strawman, in the attached slides.  See slides 2, 3.

Good to see the draft has open source in it now, and does not
deal with specifications... Would be good to have fabrics transport
independence in it as well. We had discussed that before and
during the last meeting. I think we were even more strict and
talked about vendor independence.

I know, it is debatable for some of us, but it hints towards the
common ground OFA must have to survive with its current membership
spectrum. With its current members, OFA will not become an alliance
which promotes a certain vendors fabrics technology. It shall
promote technology (hardware and software) which adheres to
a vendor neutral framework, which we are defining and
implementing. "Open Fabrics" is the name of our alliance.

To my understanding, the core mission of the alliance is enabling
the vendor independent, efficient usage of current and future
fabrics technologies. This yields benefits for both users and
providers of those fabrics technologies.


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