[Ofa_boardplus] Meeting minutes from the XWG meeting for 22March2018

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Bernard - I expect that the final motion Cray offers, and which I plan to publish by Monday in accordance with our groundrules, will have exactly the intent of the screen shot you provided (and what is exactly in the current slide deck) and will preserve exactly the specific word choices over which we've labored these few weeks, but it will likely be wordsmithed for readability.  In particular, I plan to explore breaking down the one, long, run-on sentence into two or more sentences.  Again, no change in the intent of the statement, or in the specific word choices.

The closer the motion that Cray offers can be to the final item on which we vote, the easier will be the process of voting to approve.  I'm trying to avoid getting balled up in a series of last minute friendly amendments.


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>Let's stick exactly to what was on the screen at the end of that meeting. Not a big
>difference to what I read below, but isn't it a simple technical question.
>Just to make sure we are all on the same page, I did a screen shot at 6:54:58 pm
>my time ;)
>Of course we can always amend it from there...
>See attached jpeg file.
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>> Thanks Michael.  This captures the important points from today’s
>> But it’s missing one important comma…right after the clause,
>>“opportunities for collaboration among those who develop and deploy
>>such fabrics, (comma)
>> The mission of the OpenFabrics Alliance is to accelerate the
>>development and adoption of advanced fabrics. We do this by creating
>>opportunities for collaboration among those who develop and deploy such
>>fabrics, by incubating, supporting, and evolving new and existing
>>vendor independent open source software for fabrics, and promoting such
>>fabric technologies for the benefit of the advanced networks ecosystem.
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>> Everyone
>> Here are the minutes from the meeting today.
>> Mike
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