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Piggybacking on Jim’s message to re-circulate the 2018 Objectives.

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Those of you on the XWG call earlier today heard Paul ask me to share the blog we were discussing.

For the rest of you, briefly, we're investigating a possible alliance with ONUG. To date, discussions have focused on a proposed marketing plan from ONUG with their offers on the one hand and their asks of the OFA on the other.

Divya, head of our MWG, reviewed the asks of the OFA and committed to them with the exception of a blog, which went beyond her resources. Given the absence of competition ;^)) I decided to draft one and fortunately Paul took the time to make several beneficial changes.

The attached reflects some edits proposed by ONUG, which the team investigating the alliance, Paul, Divya, Harold and myself, found acceptable. This will be posted on the ONUG web site and distributed through some of their channels. We're investigating posting it as well.

I hope you're supportive of this. I'm very happy to respond to comments/questions either directly or via the reflector

regards, Jim
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