[Ofa_boardplus] OpenFabrics Alliance Board Meeting Minutes for 15 August 2019

Christoph Lameter christoph at lameter.com
Mon Aug 19 09:50:22 PDT 2019

Sorry I missed it. Doug also missed it. There is the OFED probme again


>EWG – Working group was asked about the need for OFED outside of IWG/logo
>programs and the consensus was a definite yes. The vendors need the very
>upstream bits, backported for their customers. The distro releases don’t
>latest upstream components, tend to be several releases back from latest
>kernel.org. EWG is moving to kernel.org 5.3 RC3 for next OFED release,
>trending to Q4 release. Huawei RoCE drivers will be added to this new

All development activities need to be upstream and not in OFED.  The RDMA
kernel subsystem developers will not like this approach and such an
approach will delay upstream acceptance. As far as I know the agreement on
OFED is that it is for experimental material that is not upstream ready.

Backports are possible via the distro releases. If something is not up to
date then the distro can backport on request. This has worked fine for Jump
Trading with Redhat for years.

The OFED release process does not have the Q&A coverage of upstream and
neither the quality of developers that is available at a distro level.
Please follow the upstream release process and work with the distributions
for any backports.

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> Everyone
> We had a short meeting today with a light agenda.
> Mike
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