[Ofa_boardplus] XWG 2/28/19 is cancelled

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Wed Feb 27 22:44:21 PST 2019

No pressing agenda items for this week.
The Bylaws team is making very good progress and begins a weekly series of internal review sessions starting tomorrow.  Jim, can you post the logistics for those small group review sessions to the OFA calendar?

As a reminder, the writing team is conducting reviews of each Article as they become available in a small group format.  When ready, each Article will be brought to the XWG for a wider review and discussion.

There will be an XWG meeting next week.  The tentative agenda is:

  1.  Discuss any Bylaws articles ready for XWG review
  2.  Discuss the Spring Interop Debug Event.

Formal agenda to follow next week.

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