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Same here

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I’m at a conference and won’t be able to attend today either.



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Hi Paul,

I am sorry, but I cannot attend again this week. I am editing documents and I have a hard deadline of tomorrow.


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Three documents attached for tomorrow’s Board meeting:

1.       Bylaws_writing team kickoff_2019_0117.pptx

2.       OFA_DRAFT_Bylaws_2018_0525.doc – the beginnings of a new document.

3.       FASTR_Amended_Bylaws.pdf – an example of Bylaws similar to our needs, provided by our lawyer.

We can start with #1.  #2 is the beginnings of a new document based on #3.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

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Greetings – tomorrow is a scheduled Board meeting, but there are no pressing items on the agenda.  So I would like to tomorrow’s meeting to kick off an activity concentrating on completing the re-writing of the Bylaws.  I have stricken the standing items (Treasurer’s Report, Working Groups Reports) from the agenda, but any open issues requiring the Board’s attention can be added back to the agenda as an Open.  Other opens that could be added include a Workshop update if desired, or a discussion of the vacant IWG chair position.

Before the meeting tomorrow I will be circulating a few materials relevant to the Bylaws re-write kick-off.  Please make an effort to attend, whether or not you plan to join the authoring sub team.

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