[Ofa_boardplus] Agenda for 3/28/19 Board Meeting

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Hi Paul,

Mellanox has a company event today, and unfortunately I will not be able to attend the meeting. From them same reason, I could  not find a proxy.

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A fairly streamlined agenda this month mainly due to the Workshop last week.
-          Vote for preliminary approval for Articles 6, 7, 8
-          Review proposed Article 5
-          Open Discussion on the Workshop
-          Request from DMTF for input on Redfish management framework

Because of the shortened timeframe this week, I am dispensing with the usual Working group and Treasurer's reports.
At a future meeting there will be a report-out on:
-          Workshop financials
-          Results of IWG/Interop proposal discussion
-          Report on the Townhall held at the workshop
-          Report on the Annual General Members meeting.

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