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Sorry, but for me this seems to overshoot by an hour.  I want to assume that this is because Outlook makes no adjustment for daylight time, and PST->MDT is a two hour difference; however, I get the same result subscribing from Google Calendar.  This is the same result I had when I manually changed Etc/GMT+8 to America/Los_Angeles using a text editor.  I don’t suppose “My Calendar” has an option for embedding DST information?  Most of my limited reading on the subject seems to suggest that the iCalendar format requires explicit DST configuration, though I can’t imagine how this could be considered sensible behavior.

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The Time Zone setting for the web site was UTC-8. I set it to America/LA. Please check and see if you're still having the same issue and let me know.

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Yes.  From what I can tell, the ics and google calendar events in the OFA calendar are totally missing the parent timezone, so when you open the link, it always assumes the times are in your local timezone.  Since you are Mountain time, it's an hour off.  For me, if I open the links from the calendar, its off by three hours.  The actual meeting invites that go out to the ofa_boardplus mailing list have the appropriate timezone info, so those invites import into my calendar properly.  It just seems to be getting lost in the import to the calendar on the website.  Ken, can you confirm/fix if this is the case?

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> Apologies for what feels like a silly question, but I’ve been experiencing
> some difficulties with the call schedule for several months now so I can’t
> help but suspect that some part of the problem is real.
> When I subscribe to the OFA calendar using the web interface’s “.ics” link
> for Outlook (either one), it appears I always get events that are an hour
> earlier than they actually occur. If my arithmetic is correct, during the
> summer this could be either because time zone information is being processed
> incorrectly (as I happen to be in the Mountain time zone) or because
> Daylight Saving Time is being processed incorrectly on one end of the
> transaction.
> In May I manually added DST offsets to a downloaded copy, which worked well
> for a time, but then I failed to notice when I reached the end of the
> imported events and I started missing calls. Since I need to actively
> subscribe to updates, this means I need a better solution to the time offset
> problem.
> Does anybody else on the list experience this issue with Outlook and the
> online calendar in a time zone other than Pacific?
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