[Ofa_boardplus] This week's XWG meeting

Grun, Paul paul.grun at hpe.com
Tue May 26 17:07:53 PDT 2020

Given the successful discussion and vote at last week's Board Meeting, I am inclined to cancel this week's XWG meeting, unless there is a desire for more discussion on the details of the FSDP program.
Please speak up by close of business tomorrow (Wednesday) if you think further discussion would be helpful.
I want to emphasize that the FSDP program is probably the single largest undertaking in the OFA is doing this year and it is likely to have a material impact on the OFA's long term success. So it behooves us to ensure that all Promoters fully understand the nuance of the program.
As discussed on Thursday, this is not by any stretch the last bite at the apple ... there will be several more touchpoints/votes coming up in the next few weeks.
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