[Ofa_boardplus] This week's XWG Meeting (*NOT* a Board Meeting as previously announced)

Doug Ledford dledford at redhat.com
Mon Nov 30 16:11:54 PST 2020

We had discussed at the last Board meeting moving the December Board meeting to this week on the 3rd.  We agreed on that at the last Board meeting and had agreed to do so.  However, the research into the necessary funds to hold in safe keeping in the event that the OFA decides to close up shop and needs to pay off all outstanding obligations has taken more time that we had hoped, and the discussion to explain the results will take enough time, that making this week a Board meeting seems a bad idea.  We would very much like to approve the 2021 budget prior to convening for the year.  If we attempt to discuss the budget issues, then create a proposal, then vote on said proposal, all in one meeting, it is almost certain we will not be able to complete all the tasks in the allotted hour.

For that reason, the leadership team has opted to switch this week's meeting back to an XWG meeting at which we can discuss the budget.  This will then give people time to go back to their companies and discuss things or think things over prior to any votes.

This does present a bit of a problem for voting on the budget though.  The remaining four Thursday's of this month are all a Holiday *somewhere*.  So far, the idea has been floated to hold the Board meeting on one of those Thursday and accept email votes on the budget so we can get input from all parties.  Other suggestions for allowing everyone a chance to vote are welcome.

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