[Ofa_boardplus] OFA Board Meeting Minutes 06/17/2021

Cayton, Phil phil.cayton at intel.com
Tue Jun 22 08:22:34 PDT 2021

OFA Board Meeting
June 17, 2021
10am Pacific time

  1.  Roll Call:
Board Members:
      At-Large / Harold Cook
HPE / John Byrne                   - Present
Huawei / Daqi Ren
IBM / Bernard Metzler           - Present
Intel / Divya Kolar                  - Present (delegated to Phil Cayton)
LLNL / Matt Leininger          - Present
Mellanox / Gilad Shainer
Oak Ridge / Chris Vimmer
Sandia / Mike Aguilar            - Present

5 present of 9.  Quorum achieved.

Jim Ryan                                 - Present
Paul Grun                                - Present
IBM/Red Hat / Doug Ledford - Present
Intel / Tatyana Nikolova
Intel / Phil Cayton                  - Present
Intel/Richelle Ahlvers            - Present

  1.  Opens, Agenda Bashing

        *   Richelle Ahlvers presented information on a proposed joint SC21 booth.

*       A motion was made to approve a large booth for SC21 by Michael Aguilar (Sandia) and seconded by Phil Cayton (Intel)

*       Discussion

     *   This is a new budget item - currently no line item.
     *   Will need to come up with collateral and person the booth.
  *   The vote 5 Yes.  0 No.  0 Abstain.

  1.  Elections for Treasurer and Vice Chair

*         Nominees for Vice Chair - Phil Cayton, Intel

     *   The vote 5 Yes.  0 No.  0 Abstain.

*         Nominees for Treasurer - John Byrne, HPE

     *   The vote 5 Yes.  0 No.  0 Abstain.

  1.  Vote on proposal to create a new TAC

  *   IBM/Red Hat moves that the OFA Board approve the Technical Advisory Council Charter and authorize the creation of same.  The motion was Redhat/IBM (Bernard Metzler) seconded by HPE (John Byrne).
  *   The vote was 5 Yes.  0 No.  0 Abstain.
  *   The TAC is an OFA sponsored council that researches and identifies strategic technology initiatives for the Alliance. TAC members evaluate and comment on major industry developments and news of interest, filtering it through the lens of their expertise and experience. The OFA is an ideal organization to host and provide support to this activity due to its open and vendor-neutral nature. The TAC will make reports to the OFA Board on its activities; the TAC will utilize the OFA's Marketing Working Group to distribute TAC findings with the consent of the Marketing Working Group Chair(s). The TAC is not subject to Working Group rules.  Membership is open to senior technologists from across the industry.

  1.  Approve Board minutes from May 20, 2021<https://downloads.openfabrics.org/WorkGroups/board/minutes_board/2021/OFABoardMinutes_20210520.docx>

  *   The board lost quorum partially into the call.  Approval of the board minutes from May 20, 2021 will be held at the next board meeting.

  1.  Vote on trilateral agreement with DMTF/SNIA/OFA

*         IBM/Red Hat moves that the OFA Board approve the DMTF/SNIA/OFA Trilateral Work Register. and authorize the creation of same.

*           The board lost quorum partially into the call so cannot vote on it at this meeting.  IBM/Red Hat proposes a vote-by-email on this agreement.

        *   Alliance Goals and Scope

           *   The Open Fabrics Alliance has launched an effort to design and develop an open Fabric Management framework (OFMF) consisting of common APIs and methods to deliver security, provide route management, and maintain optimized performance.  The new Fabric Management framework will utilize DMTF Redfish and SNIA Swordfish.  The goals of OFMF are to
           *   Extend fabrics management for existing and future fabrics technologies.
           *   Add value-add fabric-agnostic capabilities such as workload-management, performance load-balancing, reliability-enhancements, and orchestration.
           *   The Redfish Forum wants to extend the fabric model and other fabrics and would value the fabric management expertise from the Open Fabrics Alliance.
           *   The goal of the alliance is to release a Redfish model/schema update which includes model extension for managing a variety of fabrics as well as any Swordfish model/schema updates to support storage fabric management workload and resource orchestration use-cases.

        *   Limitations

           *   OFA, DMTF, and SNIA have differing policies for both how contributions are made, and governance of any outputs of the work.  The collaboration must respect those policies.
           *   Each organization's contributions are necessarily limited by the availability of volunteer resources.
           *   OFA will not produce delegated standards that conflict or diverge from existing or proposed DMTF or SNIA standards where possible.

        *   Alliance Organization Assets

           *   The alliance will reference the DMTF Redfish and SNIA Swordfish specifications and ecosystems, including draft and work-in-progress content.  In addition, the alliance will leverage and extend DMTF and SNIA open-source tools, as needed, to develop the Open Fabrics Management Framework, proof-of-concept(s), and demonstration(s).

  1.  Call 30 day bylaws review window to a close and determine next steps

*         Discussion

*           Some comments have been received - a revision will be required

*           IBM/Red Hat proposes opening a 30-day ByLaws review to begin once a ByLaws review email has been sent to all members
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