[Ofa_boardplus] April Treasurer's Report

Jim Ryan jimdryan at gmail.com
Tue May 18 12:15:52 PDT 2021

Cash position decreased to $150,985. Accumulated surplus decreased to

Net income was reported as -$8,477, which reflects some changes to Workshop
revenues and expenses as previewed in the last report. ED expense was
$2,086, roughly on budget, but this is the last month such charges will be
seen. The 2021 budget will be updated to reflect this and higher than
expected legal expenses

The income from the Workshop is now reported as an expense of $5,000, a
correction to the previous report. This will be the last adjustment of its
sort we’ll see.

Hosting was reported as an expense of $3,334 in the March report. In April
it is reported as income of $2,948 – this corrects some errors on the part
of the LF.

Comments/questions are more than welcome. I’ll send the actual financial
reports to anyone who wants to see them.

Thanks, Jim, Treasurer
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