[Ofa_boardplus] Membership Review of proposed new Bylaws and accompanying Policies

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Tue May 25 14:48:34 PDT 2021


At last week's meeting of the Board, the Directors voted to begin a review
of the proposed new Bylaws and accompanying policy documents.

The Board requests that you ensure that your organization has thoroughly
reviewed the package of four documents.  

The package is found here:


The package consists of four documents:

0May%20Review%20Package/OFA%20Bylaws%20DRAFT_2021_0512.docx> OFA Bylaws
T_2021_0512.docx> OFA Intellectual Property Rights
0May%20Review%20Package/OFA%20Membership%20Policy_DRAFT_2021_0512.docx> OFA
Membership Policy_DRAFT_2021_0512.docx
0May%20Review%20Package/OFA%20Policies%20DRAFT_2021_0512.docx> OFA Policies

If your organization wishes to submit comments on any of the four documents
please copy the original document, rename it to append your organization's
name, add your comments in the body of the document using the WORD
commenting facility, and post the resulting file to the mailing list
ofa_Boardplus at lists.openfabrics.org
<mailto:ofa_Boardplus at lists.openfabrics.org> .  Please do not send raw
comments via email as these can be difficult to track; combine all comments
from your organization into a single response file.

For example, comments from MyORG.com on the Policies draft should be
contained in a file named "OFA Policies DRAFT_2021_0521_MyORG.docx.

The intent is to solicit comments from all OFA members, including existing
Promoter Members as well as all other current membership classes.

Please return your comments ASAP, but no later than close of business on
June 16th.  The intention is to begin the process of reviewing any received
comments on Thursday, June 17th.  This review incorporates all the comments
received from our last full review; since this is our second review, I am
hopeful that no further comments are necessary (barring the inevitable

Some of you may receive multiple copies of this email - apologies for any
inconvenience that may cause. 

Best regards,

-Paul Grun 

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