[Ofa_boardplus] [bylaws] Membership Review of proposed new Bylaws and accompanying Policies

Doug Ledford dledford at redhat.com
Tue May 25 16:54:01 PDT 2021

Yeah, it's coming.  I'll update this thread as soon as I get it uploaded.

On Tue, May 25, 2021 at 6:50 PM Byrne, John (Labs) <john.l.byrne at hpe.com>

> A draft for the membership agreement? I know it is pretty vacuous, but
> they’ll want to see it at some point.
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> *Subject:* [bylaws] Membership Review of proposed new Bylaws and
> accompanying Policies
> Greetings,
> At last week’s meeting of the Board, the Directors voted to begin a review
> of the proposed new Bylaws and accompanying policy documents.
> *The Board requests that you ensure that your organization has thoroughly
> reviewed the package of four documents*.
> The package is found here:
> https://downloads.openfabrics.org/WorkGroups/board/bylaws_and_policy/2021%20May%20Review%20Package/
> The package consists of four documents:
>    1. OFA Bylaws DRAFT_2021_0512.docx
>    <https://downloads.openfabrics.org/WorkGroups/board/bylaws_and_policy/2021%20May%20Review%20Package/OFA%20Bylaws%20DRAFT_2021_0512.docx>
>    2. OFA Intellectual Property Rights Policy_DRAFT_2021_0512.docx
>    <https://downloads.openfabrics.org/WorkGroups/board/bylaws_and_policy/2021%20May%20Review%20Package/OFA%20Intellectual%20Property%20Rights%20Policy_DRAFT_2021_0512.docx>
>    3. OFA Membership Policy_DRAFT_2021_0512.docx
>    <https://downloads.openfabrics.org/WorkGroups/board/bylaws_and_policy/2021%20May%20Review%20Package/OFA%20Membership%20Policy_DRAFT_2021_0512.docx>
>    4. OFA Policies DRAFT_2021_0512.docx
>    <https://downloads.openfabrics.org/WorkGroups/board/bylaws_and_policy/2021%20May%20Review%20Package/OFA%20Policies%20DRAFT_2021_0512.docx>
> If your organization wishes to submit comments on any of the four
> documents please copy the original document, rename it to append your
> organization’s name, add your comments in the body of the document using
> the WORD commenting facility, and post the resulting file to the mailing
> list ofa_Boardplus at lists.openfabrics.org.  Please do not send raw
> comments via email as these can be difficult to track; combine all comments
> from your organization into a single response file.
> For example, comments from MyORG.com on the Policies draft should be
> contained in a file named “OFA Policies DRAFT_2021_0521_MyORG.docx.
> The intent is to solicit comments from all OFA members, including existing
> Promoter Members as well as all other current membership classes.
> Please return your comments ASAP, but no later than close of business on
> June 16th.  The intention is to begin the process of reviewing any
> received comments on Thursday, June 17th.  This review incorporates all
> the comments received from our last full review; since this is our second
> review, I am hopeful that no further comments are necessary (barring the
> inevitable typos).
> Some of you may receive multiple copies of this email – apologies for any
> inconvenience that may cause.
> Best regards,
> -Paul Grun
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