[Ofa_boardplus] Pursuant to today's Board meeting

Doug Ledford dledford at redhat.com
Thu Jul 21 11:13:42 PDT 2022

There was an action item to review the previous OFMF charter approval and
determine next steps.

The original voted on items can be found here:

There is a To be defined: slide that lists these as additional steps that
will need to be done:

1) Elect permanent chair/co-chair
2) Select final working group name
3) Make official working group policies and procedures
4) Make an official repository location
5) Elect initial repository maintainers (those with write access)
6) Select the project's software license
7) Select the project's Copyright management scheme

After today's Board meeting, I would add an additional item to this list:

8) Define the scope of the OFMF version 1.0 software release.  What must be
included in order for it to reach version 1.0.

There is more in the original PPT, and my wording above is not an exact
word for word copy of what was originally written, but does not materially
differ from the content.

I would suggest that we take this to the ofmfwg mailing list and start
getting buy in from the various companies working on this project to get
some of the above items moved forward.

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