[Ofa_boardplus] Working Groups Updates

Doug Ledford dledford at redhat.com
Fri Jun 24 14:23:42 PDT 2022

Since we didn't hold a Board meeting this month, this is our working group
status update.

OFMF Working Group:
1) We are working to improve the OFMF development infrastructure
   a) We now have a few cloud servers we are using for team devel
   b) We are using github for code, docs, and other items
   c) We are in the process of setting up Docker for devel containers
 2) IBM Research EMEA has joined the project - Very interested in
orchestration aspects
 3) CXL members (AMD) - Have been very helpful lately in defining usage
 4) Development work continues

1.      Working through logistics for the 2023 OFA Workshop – location,
dates, onsite activities, coordination with other organizations.
2.      Finalizing OFA OFMF presence at Supercomputing '22 - working with
SNIA on a demo-pavilion booth with several other industry consortiums on
costs, schedule breakdown, and further details on layout to accommodate
half rack. Details in the ppt doc I sent you last week.
3.      Brainstorming on increasing membership rolls and how/when to
approach companies to get them involved with OFA work.
4.      Working with the CXL Consortium towards a new liaison agreement to
foster cooperation and information sharing – especially considering their
increased & valuable OFMF project contributions.
5.      Website Refresh: Added DMTF to Alliances page/homepage call out and
added note about the 3-way liaison between OFA/DMTF/SNIA.
6.      Opened communication with Luster User Group (LUG) for possible
joint workshop/conference in 2024; also working towards mutual evangelism
of each other’s events.


OFI continues to exist.  😊   Latest release was v1.15.1.  Snapshot from
the last 2 weeks:


We've updated the cluster to include the recent RHEL/Fedora releases (8.6,
9.0, 36, rawhide).
We've identified a needed change to the setup scripts for the latest RHEL
and Fedora releases, work is on the queue
Ready to hook infrastructure into CKI infrastructure

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