[Ofa_boardplus] Re-vote on OFA By-Laws

Doug Ledford dledford at redhat.com
Mon May 1 12:33:00 PDT 2023

Unfortunately, the vote held earlier this year failed to pass by a
single vote.  It was not because we got a No vote, but because we
didn't get enough votes cast to pass the California statutory
requirements for this particular vote.  As such, we made attempts to
contact the organizations that did not cast a vote to secure the
needed extra vote, and have since done so.  We believe we are now
ready to hold a vote that will pass (to be fair, we thought we would
get it last time <heavy sigh>).

The vote is exactly the same as last time.  The documents have not
changed.  The ballot is the only thing that has changed, and only in
terms of the A) number of members and requirements to pass and B) the
date that the ballot must be returned by.

Please fill out this ballot and return to press at openfabrics.org prior
to the deadline of May 17.  Thank you for bearing with us through this

Doug Ledford <dledford at redhat.com>
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