[Openframeworkwg] OFA OpenFramework Working Group (OFWG) -- Meeting minutes 10/1/13

Ryan, Jim jim.ryan at intel.com
Tue Oct 1 15:12:21 PDT 2013

Here are notes from today's meeting:

*         We approved the draft practices and procedures. This was drawn from Jim's original draft and some helpful suggestions from Paul Grun and Todd Rimmer and some elements of the discussion. The draft is attached, for additional review and comment. The agreed ultimate disposition is to make the materials available to the co-chairs for their review and approval and, upon their recommendation, review by the Board

*         By copy of these minutes, individuals interested in being considered to serve as co-chair are asked to send a paragraph or two on their background and interest in the WG to Jim and copying the OFWG. These will be collected by Jim and sent to the Board for a vote at the next meeting on Friday the 18th. Note that the names will be sent to the Board without any form of recommendation by the WG, so as not to bias the Board in any way. Jim is responsible for defining the voting procedures for the Board vote, as it's likely we'll have more candidates than seats available, and such procedures are not specifically called out in the Bylaws

*         The OFWG is now ready to begin the actual work of the WG - we are beyond administrative concerns. We'll have some materials at our next meeting from Sean Hefty to consider and some suggestions from Paul Grun as to how we can identify specific tasks that can be taken on in parallel, not in serial

Comments/questions welcome, else see you next Tuesday

Regards, Jim, Chair of the OFA and acting Chair of the OFWG

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