[ofiwg] agenda for 8/12 meeting

Bernard Metzler BMT at zurich.ibm.com
Tue Aug 12 06:46:54 PDT 2014

Will there be an opportunity to remotely join parts of the f-2-f meeting? I
understand that physical participation is key to drive things forward but
even watching webex feed may be beneficial for the one's who are unable to
join (the vision of two daunting 19h+ journeys in 3 days left me
downhearted) . In particular I am interested in joining informational
sessions like the envisioned 'walkthrough's' . Maybe there can also be an
open microphone for other sessions, but as said I do not expect much active
involvement from remote.

At that f-2-f, given the heterogenous background of FI-WG participants,
would it make sense to sometimes split into subgroups which can do some
activities in parallel? We have folks with HPC/database/file
system/analytics/... background. Parallelism might help to move things
forward faster. In particular I thought it may be beneficial to split into

o device & fabric & endpoint management (including addressing but also
environment issues such as dynamic linking etc.)
o Interface semantics (includes clearing up on open issues such as
o First release/transition phase from OFA verbs to FI
o Implementation coordination. There might be interest from others to join

Thank you

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Most if not all of tomorrow’s meeting will be devoted to shaping the agenda
for next week’s f-2-f.   Attached is a strawman agenda, together with raw
notes collected over the past several meetings to be used to help with
tomorrow’s agenda.

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