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Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Thu Jan 30 10:15:07 PST 2014

We have focused on RDMA-enabled fabrics, but have been very careful to build the framework in such a way that it could be run over e.g. conventional TCP/IP/Enet by pushing the details down into the provider layer.  It might not perform very well, but it would work.
Sean please correct me if that is wrong.

There may also be a semantics problem here; I talk about "RDMA-enabled fabrics" to generally mean e.g. IB, or RoCE or iWARP - a fabric that has the fundamental characteristic that it places data directly in user memory w/o OS intervention (i.e. stack bypass).  In the case of IB, there are two modes for doing so using either a channel semantic (e.g. SEND/RCV) or a memory semantic (e.g RDMA READ or RDMA WRITE).

There are others in the world who refer to RDMA, as I believe Sean does and the iWARP community does, as one of several specific transfer models, in this case RDMA refers to directly referencing remote memory.  Note Sean's use of the expression RMA.

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On 1/30/2014 12:38 PM, Hefty, Sean wrote:
>> As such, I would suggest that a much more accurate label for this 
>> group would be the OpenFabrics Alliance Fabric Agnostic RDMA 
>> Application Programming Interface Working Group, which can be 
>> shortened down multiple ways:
> I agree that the focus is on APIs for accessing fabric or network 
> resources and capabilities,


> but I view RDMA/RMA as only one of those features.

I'm confused then.  I say this because of all the things we've talked about putting this on top of and driving, they've all been in some way RDMA capable devices.  I haven't seen any talk of running this over plain ethernet and using TCP/UDP sockets or such.  So, it seems all of the features fall under the RDMA umbrella as far as I can tell.  Is there something I'm missing?

> OFA marketing may have a different view of what name they want to use.  
> :/

Yes, well, marketing often does :-/

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