[Openframeworkwg] OFWG meeting for 3/4/14

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Mon Mar 3 11:11:31 PST 2014

Attached is a presentation for the OFWG meeting tomorrow.  It provides input based on supporting rsockets, plus input from Bob Russell and Patrick MacArthur from UNH, who have done extensive work on the extended sockets API.

We will attempt to resolve the working group's name at the start of the meeting, then go through these requirements.

In parallel to gathering requirements, I have started documenting the proposed libfabric APIs, in many cases taking into account input that has been gathered so far.  The documentation is in the form of roughly formatted man pages.  The man pages are an attempt to capture the direction for the APIs, and do not necessarily reflect the implementation.  (I was deferring doing too many updates to the implementation and man page formatting until there has been community review and feedback).

Based on the man page documentation, I have gone through Jeff's MPI presentation and identified areas where I believe the new APIs meet or do not meet the requirements.  I will have that available this week.

- Sean
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