[Openframeworkwg] revisiting the OFWG name

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Tue Mar 4 18:09:28 PST 2014

In today's meeting we revisited trying to come up with a name for this workgroup and the work that it is doing.  To that end, I went back through the email archives in hope that we can narrow down and select some option by the next meeting.

These are the basic options that have been thrown out so far:

Keep current name - OpenFrameworks
OFA Agnostic Process Direct IO API Working Group

To this end, I've been using the terms libfabric and fabric interfaces, without hearing any objections (so far), so I will also propose something simple:

Open Fabrics Interfaces (Working Group)

I do like the term PDIO that Doug came up with, but it immediately makes me think of Network Direct by Microsoft.

Please provide comments, support, alternatives, etc.

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