[Openframeworkwg] revisiting the OFWG name

Doug Ledford dledford at redhat.com
Wed Mar 5 00:17:59 PST 2014

On 3/4/2014 9:09 PM, Hefty, Sean wrote:
> In today's meeting we revisited trying to come up with a name for
> this workgroup and the work that it is doing.  To that end, I went
> back through the email archives in hope that we can narrow down and
> select some option by the next meeting.
> These are the basic options that have been thrown out so far:
> Keep current name - OpenFrameworks
> OpenFabricFrameworks
> FabricFrameworks
> OFA Agnostic Process Direct IO API Working Group
> To this end, I've been using the terms libfabric and fabric
> interfaces, without hearing any objections (so far), so I will also
> propose something simple:
> Open Fabrics Interfaces (Working Group)
> I do like the term PDIO that Doug came up with, but it immediately
> makes me think of Network Direct by Microsoft.

I give kudos to Microsoft.  They have the best name of the bunch.

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